Posted: June 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I feel like every bone in my body would snap into a wing. 206 wings all flapping at once, flying me to the farthest star where poems make wishes and jump to the belly of the sky.
Sometimes I wonder what would be of my soul if it was not trapped in this body of mine. How did it learn to tame herself in order to fit in this 5ft height, soft skin and a mouth that doesn’t say much, if anything at all?

I think whenever I crave being in the arms of a lover, is when my soul is revolting against me attempting to leave this world. For it is made of revolution and a fascination for the night sky.
I think my soul would’ve been a sky.

The woman I am today is restless and tired. With a chest heaving with longing and a desire that burns bright at the core. I’m afraid that I will run out of days before I can breath all of this out.

The wind blows against my naked soul and I almost fly.
I don’t belong. I don’t belong. I don’t belong anywhere. But I want to find home.



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