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#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 23


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I am in midst the mess.
I can’t tell what time it is.
I don’t know where home is.
I’m only standing still.
Helpless, but still.
I live.

IMG-20170421-WA0002-Art work by Hissah.


#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 22

Multiple Choice

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In a night, when the moon is full and the night sky is clear.

My heart is full with your image.
My heart is the night sky and you’re the full moon enlightening it.
My heart is the sky and you’re the stars filling it.
My heart is empty and wants to be full with you.
My heart is full of love and I want to pour all of it on to you.
I’m empty of you.. and longing, longing for you.

The last one.

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 21


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I am a wanderer.

I am a drifter.

I am “a wound dweller”.

I am hopeless.

I am faithless.

Call the body a dark room.
Call the soul a chaos.

I am chaos trapped in a dark room.
A room with sound proof walls.
No body can hear the noise.
No body can see the mess.

I am both the war and the warrior.
I’m afraid and can’t find saftey anywhere.
I’m lost.
I’m fatigued.
I’m living as a figure of speech.
I am tired of being.
And tired of wanting to become.

But I want to sow beauty.
I want to grow love.
I want to breed compassion.
And I’m tired of trying.. for everything crumbles and falls back at me.
But I’m not going to stop.

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 20

Spring Break

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My ribcage opened her gates to give my lungs a break.

She said: “here, you are free today.
Today, you can expand as big and as far as you wish to reach”.


And all what my lungs could think of, was breathing the distance out..
and filling themselves with you.

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 19



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I can lie and tell you that, loving me would be like dancing to your favorite song.
I can lie and tell you that, because I’ve been writing poetry for so long, my touch would make you into a beautiful poem.
But truth is, I only write what roams within my mind at nights, when I can’t close my eyes for I don’t need more darkness.
Truth is..
My mind is ugly.
And my heart is weary.
And I get tired and numb.

you holding me in your arms can heal me..
If I’d let you hold me.

For I’m both misery and its company, and it’s more than enough to keep myself company.
I’m not sure if I love my loneliness so much that I don’t wanna abandon it, or if I’ve been in it for so long that I don’t know anything else but it.
There’s a lot of darkness in my history and not enough glory in my present.
And believe me, sometimes, me leaving you is the best present I can give.

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 18


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I wrote my love confession to you on a paper.
I read it outloud..
I smiled..
I cried..
Then torn the paper apart.
Because I’m afraid of loss.
My greatest weakness.. my deepest fear..
Is losing you.
Is you changing the way you look at me.. is you no longer trusting me with your real self or with your thoughts.
Because of that, I torn the paper apart and took refuge in silence.

Confessions are made for God..
Cuz God won’t talk back to you.
Cuz God already sees you.
Cuz God isn’t a friend you’re afraid to lose.
Cuz God already knows.

You are the reason my heart is red with life.
You are the reason, I can see my self worth while.
I love you..
I hope you know it..
but I hope you won’t..
Fear is crippling.
#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 17